Cyber Threat ServicesCyjax technologies are developed from the ground up and make use of the latest methods and tools to ensure that performance and compliance goals are consistently delivered where they are needed.



Using our advanced scanning techniques we collect data across the Clearnet, the Deepweb and the Darknet.


Our technologies and world-class analysts transform this information to help identify the threats to your organisation.


Actionable intelligence and emerging threats are disseminated in real time to people and systems.

Innovative Technology

Applying our innovative, AI-enabled technology, combined with our highly experienced team of analysts, you can easily acquire, transform and disseminate data to anyone or any system anywhere.

Our platform includes light and dark mode options.

A look inside - Platform Components

Threat Intelligence

Strategic, operational and tactical intelligence services, with self-service and fully managed options. Monitor in real-time global threats, those impacting your organisation and your third-party supply chain. Define dynamic strategies to keep your security posture current and in sync with your adversaries, using:

  • Global incident reports
  • Country risk profiling
  • Hacker, operation, security researcher and Darknet seller profiling
  • Darknet & Deepweb access
  • Data leaks from across the globe
  • Vulnerability intelligence and management
  • Global multilingual mainstream news aggregation
  • Social media coverage
  • Simulated threats to help learn
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Social Media

We monitor your brand across the social media sphere, providing up-to-date intelligence on activity that could impact your brand reputation or lead to an attack.

Features include:

  • Digital profiling (Executive)
  • Social media monitoring
  • Real-time sentiment analysis
  • Analytics
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Breach Alert

Our award-winning technology monitors sources across the Darknet, Deepweb and Clearnet to help ensure you are the first to know when your assets have been exposed.

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Live Intelligence

Our HUMINT team works proactively to protect your brand, ensures you are aware of emerging threats to your organisation, and assists you during ongoing events and crisis situations:

  • Direct impact assessments
  • Brand awareness
  • Vulnerability management
  • Situational awareness reporting
  • Incident response & support
  • Knowledge and skills gap assistance
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Training & Simulation

The Cyjax training and simulation feature is designed to promote and test security awareness and situational readiness throughout your organisation.

We offer a suite of tools and services to maintain an effective awareness programme year-round. They include:

  • Phishing simulation
  • SOC readiness test
  • Basic awareness training
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Security & Risk Analytics (SARA)

Advanced metrics designed to provide real-time visual outputs of associated risk information combined with operational and strategic threat intelligence.

Our custom-built IntelliMetrics® toolset is designed to bring big data analytics to every end-user.

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API Endpoint Architecture

The Cyjax Platform can work with almost any API endpoint architecture. Our platform supports JSON, STIX/TAXII and CEF formats out-the-box as well as a host of native integrations. A complete developer guide and control framework enables ad hoc integrations between platforms.

Available integrations exist for the following:
  • Qradar
  • HP Arcsight
  • Splunk
  • IBM I2
  • Any third-party platform with REST API support
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Agile intelligence for the modern cloud

Cyjax provides agile technologies that are built for the modern cloud and designed to work with threat intelligence data sources. It connects internal security incidents and events with external risk information to provide real-world enrichment and instant threat assessments.
It comes with its own ‘app store’ that delivers the essential components of your threat intelligence toolkit.

Request a free demo and see how our Threat Intelligence Platform can protect your organisation.