Proactive Discovery, Automatic Takedown, Effective MitigationCyberCheck® is fully automated to stop Phishing, Hacking and Ransomware attacks before they stop you.



Automated monitoring of impersonation attacks, live Phishing campaigns, and compromised credentials.


Email alerts of infringements. Advice promoting better cyber hygiene.
Simple and Effective

Simple and Effective

Only a few details needed. 70,000+ Phishing attacks stopped since March 2021.

CyberCheck® state-of-the-art protection

Providing you with real-time attack monitoring and alerting, automated Phishing attack takedown, credential and supply-chain compromise alerting in real-time, all in a simple, easy-to-understand format; CyberCheck® is a must have for every business.

Helping where it matters most

Phishing - The number one threat

Over 95% of successful computer intrusions start with a Phishing attack. Identification and rapid removal are the most effective ways to prevent successful Phishing attacks. Cyber hygiene and basic awareness are your primary countermeasures.

Hacking - It starts with a Phish
  • Hacked computing devices lead to intellectual property theft.
  • Hacked businesses expose protected personal information.
  • Hacked email accounts are the number one source of financial (wire) fraud.
Ransomware - Devastating attacks

‘Time to recovery’ following a ransomware attack is at least two weeks. The average cost of an attack is £100,000+ Companies that fail to recover usually go out of business.

Intelligible Risk Reduction

CyberCheck® provides meaningful information, in real time, to reduce the risk of becoming a victim of a Ransomware attack, or worse. We use simple language that everyone can understand and, are on hand to help if required.

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