Incident ResponseWhen your business is hit by a cyber security breach, we are ready to immediately deploy our award-winning threat intelligence technologies alongside our world-class team.

Global Coverage

Global Coverage

Our dedicated 24/7 team is ready to respond to any incident or breach affecting your business anywhere in the world.
Expert Teams

Expert Teams

We provide you with instant access to our team of experienced investigators who will quickly evaluate your case.
Great Results

Great Results

Our Service is underpinned by our own powerful technology designed to give you fast, accurate and meaningful results.

Calming the Situation

Understanding the importance of an incident is what we do best. Our experienced team will help to calm everything down, enabling a more timely and effective response that will ensure you get back to business quickly, even in the most serious situations.



In the event of a breach, it is vital you know what data has been exposed and who has been affected as quickly and accurately as possible.

Our automated, custom-built eDiscovery technology expedites the process and our highly trained and experienced analysts review the findings. This generates a detailed list of profiles of those included in the exposure.

  • Flexible risk-scoring scale based on your requirements
  • Every case is reviewed by an experienced team
  • A relationship manager is allocated to ensure your requirements are delivered
  • This tried and tested method ensures speed and accuracy go hand-in-hand
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Code Analysis, including Magecart Clean-Up

Code analysis and forensics is a response support service that provides an understanding of how and why a breach has occurred.

Our development team takes snapshots of codebases that are then regenerated in our custom-built analytical environments where attacks can be replayed to ascertain quickly the full scope of the damage.

In the event of a Magecart incident, our team will actively search and remove the malicious Javascript code from your databases and your website application, giving you and your customers peace of mind and returning you back to business as usual as quickly as possible.

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Darknet Scanning

Our advanced darknet scanning techniques combined with our specialist analyst teams provide a unique capability and insight into marketplaces and forums in a safe and controlled environment that helps identify exposed data and intellectual property.

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Highly Trained Support Team

Cyjax has a dedicated team of vetted and security-cleared professionals providing our customers with an assured service, supported by robust policies and procedures ensuring that all data handled adheres to our strict rules of governance and ISO compliance frameworks.

Our technical strategies along with our recommendations for mitigation are based on extensive real-world experience. We support and work with leading insurance companies, as well as participating in IR Panels for major law firms.

Get an instant response by discussing your incident or breach with us now. We're here 24/7.