We help our clients in financial services combat all manner of cybercrime - from fraud to ransomware, darknet data sales to supply-chain incidents.

Ransomware infection at client supplier

“A supplier, used by [the client] is infected with ransomware. The ransomware gang involved in the attack lists the supplier as a victim on their ‘name and shame’ site. Cyjax alerts [the client] to the new victim via a daily round-up email. [The client] investigates internally and finds that the supplier is part of our supply chain, and initiates an incident.”

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Ransomware infection at client supplier (cont.)

“Incoming email communication with the supplier is restricted, and the supplier is contacted to confirm whether any [client] data is exposed as part of the attack. To support their colleagues in incident management, Threat Intelligence produces a Threat Assessment on the specific ransomware gang that conducted the attack, using TTPs and background information shared through the Cyjax portal.”