Financial use caseWe help our clients in financial services combat all manner of cybercrime - from fraud to ransomware, darknet data sales to supply-chain incidents.

Instant Messenger & Social Media Monitoring

Instant Messenger & Social Media Monitoring

Identify victims of fraud, malicious insiders, and fraudsters targeting your brand.
Real-Time Ransomware Coverage

Real-Time Ransomware Coverage

Track ransomware operators and their victims on a daily basis.
Trace and Terminate Malicious Campaigns

Trace and Terminate Malicious Campaigns

Detect newly registered malicious domains used to target your customers and employees.

Ransomware infection at client supplier

“A supplier, used by [the client] is infected with ransomware. The ransomware gang involved in the attack lists the supplier as a victim on their ‘name and shame’ site. Cyjax alerts [the client] to the new victim via a daily round-up email. [The client] investigates internally and finds that the supplier is part of our supply chain, and initiates an incident.”

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The benefits of Cyjax services, in the client's own words

Monitoring of UK Telegram fraud channels

“This intel has many benefits. Firstly, we can make our fraud profiling teams aware of new methods used by fraudsters to cash out fraudulent accounts. This helps us identify when there is a spike in transactions. The recent identification of a “[client] jobs” channel reveals that certain groups are specifically looking for [the client’s] accounts to carry out fraud/muling activity.”

Social media monitoring

“This allows us to follow fraud threat actors and identify those most active in the muling community. Cyjax intel has enabled us to regularly protect those accounts that are shared in screenshots.”

Certificate/domain monitoring

“The ability to quickly request new domain monitoring – such as COVID-19 or vaccine-related domains – has proved incredibly valuable in 2020. It has enabled us to identify patterns of domain generation used by malicious actors. The flexibility provided by Cyjax allows us to explore potential threats before they impact our customers.”

Ransomware infection at client supplier (cont.)

“Incoming email communication with the supplier is restricted, and the supplier is contacted to confirm whether any [client] data is exposed as part of the attack. To support their colleagues in incident management, Threat Intelligence produces a Threat Assessment on the specific ransomware gang that conducted the attack, using TTPs and background information shared through the Cyjax portal.”

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