Who is Trickbot?

Since the start of the Russia-Ukraine conflict, Russian based cybercrime groups have been placed into a difficult position. With many groups being comprised of a variety of different nationalities, the various members need to make decisions on allegiance. Leading the charge was the Conti ransomware group who decided on 25 February 2022 to make a […]

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Ransomware Review – February 2022

Our rundown of the key ransomware events, attacks, and group activity from February. The FBI has issued an advisory warning that the BlackByte ransomware group has been observed targeting multiple US-based entities, including at least three related to critical infrastructure. Government facilities, alongside organisations in the financial, food and agriculture sectors, are all defined as

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Ransomware Review – November 2021

The Snatch ransomware operators, a group that began operating in 2019 and disappeared in 2020, has resurfaced after almost a year of silence. The group has created a new leaks blog and has already added 10 new victims. They are also one of the multiple groups about which Native American tribes have been warned. An

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Ransomware Review – September 2021

This month saw the return of the REvil ransomware group (also known as Sodinokibi). The group’s infrastructure went offline in July, soon after their high-profile supply-chain attack targeting Kaseya. At the time, it was unclear if this was a voluntary decision or stemmed from a potential operation by law enforcement entities. However, the group’s infrastructure

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