Threat Intelligence and Incident Response Combining bespoke technologies with world-class analysts. We deliver incident response services and threat intelligence on the Clearnet, darknet, and social media.

What we do

Threat Intelligence

Threat Intelligence
  • 24/7 access to a world-class analyst team
  • Real-time monitoring and alerts
  • Customised reporting
  • Profiles of threat actors
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Incident Response

Incident Response
  • 24/7 coverage of incidents
  • Industry-leading analysts and expert investigators
  • Rapid incident mitigation
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Deliver innovative technologies to enhance and grow your security business

Deliver innovative technologies to enhance and grow your security business
  • Agile and scalable technologies for Managed Service Providers
  • Fully supported programme for VAR & Channel Partners
  • Dynamic platform for systems integrators and enrolled developer partners
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Inside Cyjax

Awareness Hub

A-Z of Cyber Security

Explore our handy guide to all things cyber with helpful hints, tips and definitions to help keep your organisation secure.
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In The Press

Passports, Passwords and Borders

As more business and leisure travellers take their mobile phones and laptops abroad, the issue of
 personal data privacy has become increasingly controversial.

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About Us

World class analysts and investigators

We have a dedicated team of vetted and security-cleared professionals providing customers with a service supported by robust policies and procedures that ensure all data handled adheres to strict 
rules of governance and ISO compliance.
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