Protect your critical assets from targeted cyber attacks with Intelligence Managed as a Service from CYjAX.

Threat Mapping

From phishing campaigns to malware incursions, and from DDOS attacks to rogue mobile applications, cyber threats take many forms. To get the right response strategies in place, it’s vital to be able to assess threats and identify those that could harm your business.

At CYjAX, we’re here to support informed decision-making across your enterprise. We deliver cyber threat intelligence services to Fortune 1000 companies worldwide, providing the actionable insight they need to respond effectively to cyber threats and attacks.

Stolen Assets

When a cyber threat turns into a worst-case scenario and your data is compromised, your assets end up exposed.  Online assets are often sold on virtual marketplaces or distributed freely across the globe through multiple open and closed forums.

Our cyber threat intelligence services can help you identify who is claiming ownership of your assets, how credible their claims are, and where your assets are supposedly located.

Darknet Protection

Attacks are increasingly originating from obscure, Darknet-based locations – which is often also where cyber attackers go to dispose of stolen assets. Keeping watch on your assets – and those of your supply chain and strategic partners – ensures that your defences are keeping you secure and notifies you when you’re potentially at risk.

We work with you to monitor your Darknet exposure on a near real-time basis.

The Future

We are able to give you to 360° situational awareness, identifying past and current cyber threats targeted against your organisation. We also deliver tailored, forward-looking assessments of developing cyber threats that take into account the latest intelligence on planned operations and attack tools under development.

Cyber Threat Intelligence

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