About usA modern threat intelligence company for a modern business world. Learn more about our company in the sections below.

Cyjax helps companies build effective threat intelligence solutions to tackle the ever-growing number of digital threats that organisations and people face today.


Cyjax was formed in 2012. Working closely with the financial sector, we developed technologies and methodologies to help stem the advance of digital threats impacting banks and consumers around the world. We quickly established ourselves as a leading provider of cyber threat intelligence capabilities across all industry verticals, a journey we continue today. Cyjax is built on its own growth and remains wholly owned by its founding members in the UK.

The journey begins

The journey began in a Word document, delivering weekly reports and summaries to a select list of individuals at companies such as EDF Energy and BT.

The first platform was built

In early 2013 we built our first threat intelligence platform. It was assessed as cutting-edge, and was immediately adopted by every member of the CSIG banking group.

Maturing our approach

In 2014 we hired our first seasoned tech-space CEO to help develop a business strategy that would enable us to mature and compete with competitors in this space.

Expected growth arrived

2015 saw a growth in the number of organisations subscribing to our service. Outside of government, every customer was a Fortune 500 member.

The second generation

In 2016 we consolidated the growth of our previous years with the addition of a number of senior management staff recruited from Fortune 500 companies.

Awards and accolades

2017 was a year of industry recognition. We won multiple awards for excellence in threat intelligence, and Cyjax was recognised as a leading provider in this industry.

Technological innovation and business evolution

In 2018 we released a new digital intelligence technology platform, demonstrating cutting edge technology. A new CEO was in position and business development accelerated.

Here we are today

A extremely successful year for Cyjax - doubling our customer base, tripling our headcount and working on some of the world’s most exciting innovation and modernisation projects in our space.

Awards & Accreditations

Cyjax continuously strives to achieve the highest standards in compliance and information security for ourselves and our customers. We are the proud recipient of internationally accepted standards and acclaimed awards recognising our innovation, talent and customer successes.

ISO 27001

International Standard for Information Security.


Third-Party Risk Management and Compliance for the Financial Services Sector.

Cyber Essentials

Cyber Essentials is a government-backed scheme which we adhere to and apply to our own internal processes and procedures.
Supplier to Crown Commercial Service

Crown Commercial Service Supplier

Official supplier to the UK Government.

Incident Response & Investigations

Voted IR & Investigations Provider of the year in recognition for our team's work in dealing with some of the most complex and demanding breaches.

Security Project of the Year 2019

In recognition for our collaboration with Stop The Traffik and a hard hitting investigation into the darknet and how its used in the world of human trafficking.

Threat Intelligence Company of the Year

Voted runner up in the Threat Intelligence Company of the Year category.
Cyber Threat Intelliegnce Award 2018

Threat Intelligence Company of The Year

Voted Cyber Threat Intelligence company of the year 2018.
Education & Training Provider

Education & Training (Oxford University)

Voted Education & Training Provider of the year for our work with Oxford University and the Centre for Doctoral Training in Cyber Security.
Cyber Threat Intelligence Company of the Year 2017

Threat Intelligence Company of the Year

Voted Cyber Threat Intelligence company of the year 2017.
Security Project of the year 2017

Security Project of the Year (Private Sector)

In recognition of our Live Intelligence and Darknet scanning services during the aftermath of the Borussia Dortmund coach attack.

Meet the team

At the forefront of our company is a team of exceptional individuals, each successful in their own right, each passionate about what they do, each driven to achieve greater things. Meet but a few of them below…

Kevin McMahon

Chief Executive Officer

A seasoned IT Security Professional and founder of
 Cyjax with over 20 years of experience

Kevin has been the visionary behind the Cyjax Threat Intelligence Portal and has been instrumental in developing our world-class incident response strategy, both of which have been deployed within some of the world's leading enterprises and government agencies. In recent years Kevin and his team have developed cutting edge technologies designed specifically to analyse Threat Intelligence along with the Incident Response sector, and has worked with major enterprise, law enforcement, leading insurance companies and legal firms.

Davide Simoncelli

Chief Technology Officer

The driving force behind our technology and responsible for bringing the platform to life

A founding member of Cyjax, Davide is a critical member of our family. Multi-lingual in both spoken and coded languages, Davide is one of the most experienced and skilled developers the world has ever seen. He has worked on some of the most advanced technological concepts in our space and consistently drives development to new levels. He is one of the reasons that technology moves at the pace it does. He also has a twin, Stefano, (lucky us) who makes all of our technologies look beautiful.

Lisa West

Chief Financial Officer

An experienced financial officer, marketing exec and a founder of Cyjax

Lisa learned her trade in the enterprise sector working with major retail brands in the FMCG space. She advanced to the financial space in the SME sector and has been an integral part of the Cyjax family. Her knowledge and experience has helped the company develop to the heights we have reached.

Samantha Burton

Chief Operating Officer

Former Intelligence Analyst and CISO who has developed and implemented Cyjax policies and procedures

Sam's vision has culminated in our ISO 27001 certification for Information Security Management. Her methodical approach and eye for detail has ensured that all aspects of the business are compliant with our dedicated approach to digital security. Sam oversees the day-to-day operational capacity of a business that is doubling in size every 6-12 months.

Serge Palladino

Chief Client Officer

Former Intelligence Analyst and our previous Head of Operations - MSc, CISSP

With a long career in analysis and editorial, Serge ran Cyjax Operations for nearly three years, developing teams of skilled analysts and helping to shape the outputs that ultimately keep our customers safe from the threats they face. In his new role Serge is on the road daily, meeting our clients, capturing their evolution and ensuring that our business is adapting to their every need.

Kadir Levent

Head of Incident Response

A highly skilled digital forensics investigator and Head of Incident Response with over 15 years experience

Kadir brings a pragmatic, customer-focused dynamic to the Cyjax team and is the calming influence when evaluating risk, and managing key stakeholders as well as the needs of the organisation, even in the most pressurised of situations. Prior to joining Cyjax, Kadir worked for the Metropolitan Police Service, investigating serious organised crime along with cyber crime and criminal finance. His extensive investigatory skills led him to work for the leading Cyber Insurance Underwriter where he managed some of the most complex and often challenging breaches for international companies, co-ordinating the interaction between client, legal counsel and technical vendors.

Terry Mayer

Senior Research Specialist and Geo-Political Analyst

Highly experienced editor and researcher

Terry joined us in 2014 and developed our editorial policies and practices, as well as the Cyjax Risk Map. Formerly Head of Editorial Services, she now focuses more closely on specialist research projects and the blog.

Carlos Marquez

Senior Developer

Brings Latin passion and excellence to our development team

Carlos joined Cyjax in 2014 and has been a key member of the development team ever since. His skills developed at a pace we did not expect as he carved out a key position alongside Davide. Carlos runs the engine room of our technologies and is instrumental in all new developments and enhancements that we produce. Another key member of our family!

Alexander aka Lex

Senior Developer

Knows the Darknet like no other

Lex, as he is known, joined Cyjax in 2014 and has spearheaded our development in the Darknet ever since. A reverse engineer, a technology warrior, a visionary in his own right, Lex continues to lead from the front to achieve what no other company has managed in this space.

Tristan de Souza

Head of Editorial

Experienced research analyst with a passion for malware

Tristan joined Cyjax as a researcher in 2014 and swiftly rose through the ranks to become our Head of Editorial. He now works with our researchers and heads of department to set the tone for content across the company. Tristan hosts the Cyjax monthly podcast alongside our CISO, Ian Thornton-Trump, and regularly blogs about business-related infosec issues. He has a Masters in political science.

Daniel Ostlund

Head of Technical Operations

TechOps specialist and modern technology guru

Daniel joined Cyjax early on in 2014 and pioneered many of the operational methodologies that helped to define the services we offer and the technologies we build. Today, Daniel provides support across the business with a particular focus on forensics within our incident response division. He also trains and mentors new staff and lends his extensive knowledge to to our ongoing research and development activities.

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