PartnersOur Partner Programme provides opportunities to leverage our skills & technologies within your marketplace.

Agile and Scalable Technologies

Agile and Scalable Technologies

Supported by our industry-leading development team, you can really flex the tech for any sized customer.
Dynamic and Reliable Delivery

Dynamic and Reliable Delivery

Backed by detailed self-service technical guides, integrations are made simple and highly efficient.
Multi Sector Applications

Multi Sector Applications

We cover all major sectors and are constantly adding more to provide the most comprehensive coverage.

Why Partner with Cyjax

Reliability, resilience and robustness are the three key reasons to partner with Cyjax. We build all of our solutions, we host in our own facilities, and we own our company.

Channel Partner Overview

Managed Service Providers (MSP)

Cyjax increases the effectiveness and accuracy of any Managed Service Provider (MSP) or Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP), instantly adding context to the information they gather and creating actionable intelligence from security systems you manage.

We help reinforce your position as a trusted advisory, bringing our unique insights to help protect your customers.

Our technologies support the widest breadth of cases, helping you to deliver value to your customers with superb operational efficiency and actionable threat intelligence, in real-time.

Value Added Resellers and Channel Partners

We are delighted to work with value-added resellers (VARs) and Channel Partners. Whether your end customer is a major enterprise, SME or Incident Response team, we have the tools to support you.

We offer hands-on support and training throughout the partnership, from sales and technical training to marketing support, enabling you to successfully position solutions and sell to your desired marketplace.

Systems Integrators and Enrolled Developer Programme

Our robust API and Enrolled Developer Programme makes it easy to integrate our advanced threat intelligence and incident response applications. Our technology doesn’t have to be a standalone product either, and can be integrated with existing security systems, SIEM applications and other threat intelligence platforms.

Supported by our in-house team of technical experts, we provide detailed development guides to aid seamless integration for your customers and their existing security technologies.

The Power Behind Your Success

Learn how Cyjax can empower your customers to make better security decisions while providing you with annual recurring revenue, healthy margins and deal protection. Partner with us to expand the breadth of your offerings and strengthen your customer relationships.

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