Strengthen Your Bank’s Defence

with CYMON’s Stolen Card Monitoring

Seamless Integration, Tangible Results

CYMON seamlessly integrates with your existing systems, providing you with actionable insights to strengthen your fraud prevention strategy.

Proactive Fraud Prevention

  • Our service is designed to detect and alert you to suspicious activities before they become costly issues, keeping your customers’ accounts secure.
  • Our monitoring extends beyond immediate threats, offering insights into fraud trends and helping your bank stay one step ahead.

Seamless Integration

  • CYMON’s system integrates effortlessly with your existing infrastructure, providing a smooth transition and immediate protection without disrupting your services or burdening your IT team.

Compliance and Trust

  • In an era where regulatory compliance is non-negotiable, our monitoring tools not only help you adhere to UK FCA regulations but also build stronger trust with your clientele by demonstrating a proactive stance on security.

Beyond Monitoring

Social Media Oversight
We watch for any fraudulent schemes targeting your bank that could affect you.

Online Footprint Analysis
Understanding how fraudsters might use publicly available information, we help safeguard your digital presence.

Domain Surveillance
We keep an eye out for fake websites that could trick you into giving away your details.

Trend Insights
We analyse online chatter to predict and prevent attacks before they happen.

Your Next Steps to Enhanced Security

Take the first step towards enhanced card security this holiday season. Click below to start your free trial and bring CYMON’s expertise to your bank’s cybersecurity arsenal.

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