Cyjax White Paper on Russia and China in Africa: Synopsis

Cyjax has published a new White Paper which analyses the presence of China and Russia in Africa and how their focus on investments, training and teaching new talent can work to their benefit.

Both China and Russia have sympathised with post-colonial struggles in Africa and have actively shown continued support for areas of significant need on the continent, whether this be through funding new infrastructure projects, offering scholarship programmes or providing military assistance. However, this activity is not always well received by some countries in the West.

It is clear that after the fall of colonialism in Africa, and hindered by the financial implications of World War II, the West took a step back from the continent, leaving the door open for China and Russia to begin providing much needed investment. In turn, the countries have found great value in funding scholarship and training programmes to harness new talent and provide a gateway for some out of poverty, amid significant unemployment issues in multiple African nations.

The presence of Beijing and Moscow has not faltered, with increasing concerns from the West about Russia’s secretive Wagner group activities and the growing influence of China’s Huawei.

Does the West need to up its game to compete with the expanding popularity of China and Russia in Africa?

The White Paper can be accessed here.

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