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White Paper | Initial Access Broker Market Summary

This whitepaper explores the Q1 2024 Initial Access Broker Market

25 June 2024

White Paper | Cryptocurrency Threat Landscape Report – Q1 2024

This whitepaper explores the Q1 2024 cryptocurrency landscape, highlighting Bitcoin’s surge from $42,000 to $73,000, settling around $65,000 by the quarter’s end.

23 APR 2024

White Paper | Broken China?

This white paper examines China’s economic situation post-COVID-19, analysing if the recovery has stalled and the long-term implications for the world’s second-largest economy.

28 FEB 2024

White Paper | The Cyber Winter of Discontent

The report which analyses the conflict in Ukraine makes predictions as to how Russia may conduct cyber military activity over winter this year.

13 DEC 2023

Report | Cryptocurrency Threat Landscape Report – Q3 2023

Explore the shifting financial landscape, impactful government measures, recent cyber-attacks, delistings, and regulatory actions. Download now for expert insights.

27 OCT 2023

White Paper | Cyber Supply Chain Attacks: Examples and how they happen

CYJAX’s Latest White Paper: Unveiling Cloud Security Threats in 2023. Explore the evolving threat landscape, prominent threat actors, recent attacks, vulnerabilities, and service abuses. Download now for expert insights.

12 OCT 2023

White Paper | Cloud Threat Landscape Report: Synopsis

CYJAX has published a new White Paper which explores the current threat landscape affecting the cloud, including notable threat actors, attacks, vulnerabilities and service abuses that have been observed this year.

2 SEP 2023

Report | Strategic Intelligence Report: Latin America and the Caribbean

This report outlines Latin America and the Caribbean’s history of instability but notes recent moves towards democracy and increased global interest.

02 JUNE 2023

White Paper | China and Russia in Africa: Talent Acquisition

CYJAX has published a new White Paper which analyses the presence of China and Russia in Africa and how their focus on investments, training and teaching new talent can work to their benefit.

2 MAY 2023

White Paper | Cryptocurrency Threat Landscape Report – A Year in Review 2022

This White Paper details the main trends and threats identified in the cryptocurrency sector in 2022 and provides some insight into the current threat landscape.

21 MARCH 2023

White Paper | Ukraine in extremis

The first section of this White Paper provides some historical and contemporary background to the Russia-Ukraine War one year on from the invasion which took place in 2022. Section Two focuses on cyber-attacks relating to the war. The Conclusion assesses possibilities for the future. 

10 MARCH 2023

White Paper | Ten Ways to Lose Your Crypto

CYJAX has compiled a detailed analysis and understanding of the cryptocurrency industry attack surface, and the findings have been published in this White Paper.

25 MAY 2022

White Paper | Will Food Become Russia’s Next Weapon?

Will Food Become Russia’s Next Weapon?

8 MAY 2022

White Paper | Supply Chain Hardening Project – Lessons Learned

This White Paper details an example of an international supply chain hardening project which was carried out in a large organisation. It is important to note that CYJAX was not involved in the project in any way. The paper serves as a analysis of the difficulties which may be encountered by companies attempting to enhance their cyber-security strategies through assessing the strengths and weaknesses.

3 MAY 2022

Report | Protecting your business from cyberattacks

CYJAX CEO Kevin McMahon discusses the ever-looming threat of cyberattacks facing small and medium-sized businesses today.


Infographic | Social Media for Business

How can you secure your business social media offering? What are the profits and pitfalls? Check out our infographic to find out.

8 JULY 2020

Infographic | How to keep your website safe

A great addition to any office and a smart way of reminding everyone of the importance of good security for your website.

7 OCTOBER 2019

Report | Cyber security awareness for your office

A gentle reminder to everyone in the office of the hints and tips to maintaining good cyber security practices.

7 OCTOBER 2019

Report | Cyber security in the workplace

A simple guide to cyber security along with some helpful hints and tips to increase the security IQ of your organisation.

7 OCTOBER 2019

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