Securing Digital Transactions with CYJAX’s Fraud Intelligence Expertise


Unleashing the Power of Payment and Cyber Fraud Intelligence

CYJAX specialises in payment and cyber fraud intelligence, providing organisations with actionable insights to mitigate risks effectively. We monitor evolving fraud techniques and collaborate with stakeholders to share information and best practices. We help organisations to implement robust security measures, deploy advanced fraud detection systems, and stay ahead of fraudsters. With CYJAX’s expertise in fraud intelligence, businesses can protect financial transactions, customers and their reputations in today’s dynamic threat landscape.

CYJAX: Protecting Your Digital Transactions with Fraud Intelligence Expertise


Actionable Insights

Payment and cyber fraud intelligence is a key focus area of our comprehensive threat intelligence services. CYJAX specialises in gathering, analysing and delivering actionable insights related to fraudulent activities targeting financial transactions.


Monitoring and Analysing Threats

CYJAX’s payment and cyber fraud intelligence services encompass a wide range of activities. We closely monitor and analyse evolving fraudulent techniques, trends and vulnerabilities to stay ahead of cybercriminals. By understanding the tactics and strategies deployed by threat actors involved in payment and cyber fraud, CYJAX provides organisations with valuable insights to mitigate risks effectively.


Securing the Digital Ecosystem

Through collaboration with financial institutions, law enforcement agencies and other stakeholders, CYJAX promotes information sharing and best practices in fraud prevention and detection. By sharing fraud intelligence and expertise, we contribute to a collective effort to combat payment and cyber fraud, fostering a more secure digital ecosystem.


Staying Ahead of Threats

By leveraging CYJAX’s payment and cyber fraud intelligence services, organisations can proactively protect their financial transactions, customers and reputations. Our expertise in fraud intelligence enables businesses to stay one step ahead of fraudsters, fortify their security controls, and enhance their fraud prevention capabilities.
Strengthen your defences against payment and cyber fraud.

CYJAX added depth to the broad coverage we already have. We are now able to take quicker and more informed actions as CYJAX is typically 12-36 hours ahead on reportings and key findings.

CISO | Global Pharmaceutical company

CYJAX enabled us to identify which threats were most relevant, helping our team prioritise threats and increasing the efficiency of our security spending.

Head of Threat Intelligence | Financial Service Provider

CYJAX provided the additional context and filtering we needed to rapidly triage and qualify which alerts need actioning. This freed our team up to make adjustments to our security controls, vastly reducing the number of alerts coming in.

CTO | British Energy Provider

Awards and Certifications


Strengthen your defenses against payment and cyber fraud

Partner with CYJAX today and leverage our cutting-edge payment and cyber fraud intelligence solutions. Gain actionable insights to proactively identify and mitigate risks, protect your financial transactions, and safeguard your organisation’s reputation. With CYJAX’s expertise and advanced technologies, stay one step ahead of fraudsters and ensure a secure digital environment. Contact us now to take control of your payment and cyber fraud prevention strategy.

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