State-Sponsored Attack Intelligence: Defending against Advanced Threats with CYJAX

Monitoring Advanced Threat Actors: Detecting State-Sponsored Attacks in Real Time

CYJAX’s threat intelligence services closely monitor and analyse sophisticated and targeted threats. By leveraging their extensive network and advanced analysis capabilities, we help organisations detect and respond to state-sponsored cyberattacks effectively. Partnering with CYJAX empowers organisations to strengthen their defences and protect against these highly advanced threats.

Actionable Insights and Response Strategies: Mitigating the Impact of State-Sponsored Cyber Operations

Timely Information

CYJAX closely monitors and analyses state-sponsored cyber operations, providing organisations with actionable insights and timely information to protect against these highly targeted and sophisticated threats.

Tactics, Techniques and Indicators of Compromise

CYJAX’s threat intelligence services help organisations understand the tactics, techniques and indicators of compromise associated with state-sponsored attacks. By leveraging our extensive network of sources and advanced analysis capabilities, we assist organisations in detecting, mitigating, and responding to state-sponsored cyber threats effectively.

Valuable Insights

CYJAX’s expertise analysing in state-sponsored threat actors and campaigns enables organisations to strengthen their defences, enhance incident response capabilities, and mitigate the potential impact of such attacks. By partnering with CYJAX, organisations can gain valuable insights into the motives, attribution and techniques deployed by nation-state threat actors.

Knowledge and Tools

CYJAX’s goal is to empower organisations to proactively protect themselves against state-sponsored attacks. Through their threat intelligence services, we provide companies with the knowledge and tools necessary to detect and respond to these threats, enabling them to safeguard their critical assets and maintain business continuity.

CYJAX added depth to the broad coverage we already have. We are now able to take quicker and more informed actions as CYJAX is typically 12-36 hours ahead on reportings and key findings.

CISO | Global Pharmaceutical company

CYJAX enabled us to identify which threats were most relevant, helping our team prioritise threats and increasing the efficiency of our security spending.

Head of Threat Intelligence | Financial Service Provider

CYJAX provided the additional context and filtering we needed to rapidly triage and qualify which alerts need actioning. This freed our team up to make adjustments to our security controls, vastly reducing the number of alerts coming in.

CTO | British Energy Provider

Awards and Certifications


Partner with CYJAX to Safeguard Against State-Sponsored Attacks

Protect your organisation from the relentless threat of state-sponsored attacks by partnering with CYJAX. With our comprehensive threat intelligence services, we actively monitor and analyse the tactics, techniques and indicators of compromise deployed by state-sponsored cyber operations. Stay one step ahead of advanced threat actors and gain actionable insights to bolster your defence against these highly targeted attacks. Our expert team equips your organisation with the knowledge and tools needed to detect, respond to, and mitigate the impact of state-sponsored attacks. Strengthen your resilience and safeguard your critical assets. Contact CYJAX today and fortify your security against state-sponsored threats.

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