Utilising Threat Intelligence for the Proactive Management of Cyber Threats

Rapidly respond to emerging cyber threats with the most powerful real-time threat intelligence data available.

The Power of Our Cyber Threat Intelligence Services

Key Features of CYJAX Threat Intelligence Services

CYJAX is the trusted cybersecurity intelligence partner for big businesses worldwide

Enhance Your Cybersecurity Capabilities

  • From navigating emerging AI threats effectively to responding promptly to traditional ransomware or phishing attacks, CYJAX fortifies your business processes with solid intelligence and proactive insights. Our analysts work as an extension of your internal team delivering highly tailored solutions seamlessly integrated into your existing tech stack.

Comprehensive Approach

  • CYJAX’s threat intelligence security services are designed to be thoroughly comprehensive, covering your organisation from when a threat is identified to post-mitigation reporting on incident response engagements.
  • Our security operations consultancy supports your team every step of the way, empowering them with cutting-edge threat intelligence services and the thought leadership to put their fortified strategy in place.

Proactive Intelligence

  • In an emergency, it’s critical to respond urgently. A prompt response is vital to minimise downtime and ensure business continuity. With proactive intelligence services, CYJAX equips your team with the knowledge to take decisive action immediately.
  • With alerts from our security professionals on the cutting-edge of emerging threats and malevolent technology, your cybersecurity team is empowered with the intelligence they need to respond immediately.

Diverse Sources of Information

  • Our team is skilled in extracting valuable data from diverse sources. With unparalleled knowledge and insights into emerging global threats, CYJAX delivers precise threat intelligence that ensures protection for your business by delivering crucial data when you need it most.
  • With a deep knowledge of dark web data, our security experts proactively push this to your team, providing relevant alerts and actionable intelligence plans to ensure your business has the expertise to face attacks.

Highly Contextual Information

  • We know it can be challenging to navigate the security landscape. That’s why our expert analysts work as an extension of your cybersecurity strategy, providing contextualised intelligence that supports your business in your industry.
  • Our team highlights potential threats as they emerge in our global network. Then, we’ll monitor threat indicators facing your business, highlighting areas of particular concern. Finally, we’ll help your business strengthen its defences by providing highly contextualised reviews of your current operations.

Choose CYJAX For Impenetrable Cyber Intelligence Services

Protect your organisation with impenetrable cyber security powered by CYJAX intelligence services. Book your demo now to see how our platform can empower your business and strengthen your business continuity.


What does threat intelligence mean?

Threat intelligence is information collected, analysed, and shared to understand and mitigate potential cybersecurity threats.

Comprehensive threat intelligence gathers data as it emerges on the ever-evolving tactics, techniques, and procedures used by criminals and threat actors during a cyber attack. This information is then used to protect businesses and organisations from such attacks by strengthening their defences and acting on vulnerabilities.

What is the threat landscape?

The threat landscape is the term used to describe the constantly changing scope of cybersecurity threats that organisations face.

Navigating the threat landscape involves understanding the digital environment’s vast range of potential risks and vulnerabilities. Understanding and responding to shifts in the threat landscape is the crucial objective of CYJAX’s cyber threat intelligence services.

Who needs a threat intelligence platform?

Every business or organisation at risk of cyber threats needs external threat intelligence services via a reliable platform.

Unfortunately, evidence suggests that it is not just big businesses and governments at risk of cyber attacks and that small businesses disproportionately fall victim to malware and other digital attacks.

With the average successful attack costing thousands of pounds in lost data, fines, and reputation issues, businesses of all sizes must proactively monitor cyber threats and take action to protect themselves through a reliable threat intelligence platform.

What are the five stages of threat intelligence?

While there are many stages of a threat intelligence strategy, the generally accepted stages include planning and strategising, data collection, data processing, intelligence sharing, and report building and feedback.

What are the three types of threat intelligence data?

Three types of data are collected and shared as part of CYJAX’s external threat intelligence services: Strategic Intelligence, Tactical intelligence, and Operational Intelligence.

Strategic Intelligence is designed to offer high-level data to inform strategic decisions. Tactical intelligence helps businesses and organisations in their day-to-day security operations and incident response. Finally, Operational Intelligence facilitates the immediate, real-time operations of businesses.

What are examples of threat intelligence services?

CYJAX is a comprehensive threat intelligence platform providing an intelligence service to businesses and organisations that must navigate the evolving threat landscape.

What are threat actors?

Threat actors is an industry term referring to malevolent groups or individuals who are behind cyber attacks.

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