What do we do? Where are we going? Interview with Ian Thornton-Trump

Earlier this year, our CISO, Ian Thornton-Trump sat down with Safety Detectives to discuss cybersecurity and threat intelligence, mitigating cyber threats, and how we at Cyjax look to protect our clients. In looking back, Ian talks about his history with the Canadian military and how this was integral to shaping his perceptions of risk, particularly data protection. Moving to the present day, and his position with Cyjax at the sharp end of cyber threat intelligence, Ian reveals that one of the key drivers of what Cyjax does is to make “the security spend more effective by directing it against the appropriate types of threats the organization is likely to face.”

As for the future? For Ian, investment is key, both in tools and services, but also, of course, in training and personnel. The need for this has been increased by the rapid roll-out of services during the pandemic which has brought about, according to Ian, “the realization that perhaps we don’t have the necessary security in place to facilitate digital transformation without increased organizational risk.”

Check out the interview on Safety Detectives here.

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